animal rights |
  • Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew: campaigns against whaling, the Taiji massacre, seal clubbing...
  • maybe the best Blog for news about whaling and related topics (Sea Shepherd, Taiji...)
  • PETA's German website, various important undecover footage |
  • various important undecover footage - such as Foie Gras, pig farms, cat and dog slaughter houses in China...
  • Compassion in World Farming - various footage of animal live exports throughout the EU and other stuff...

    animal rights & protection, environmental documentaries
  • perhaps the most important documentary of our time - hard to watch, but important to see - watch the trailer
  • Meat The Truth - How Livestock affects our environment... (available for free)
  • Cowspiracy - Haven't seen this documentary yet, but seems to be great. Topic: How Livestock affects our environment

  • official TerraGen website, all required info for all TerraGen versions
  • largest German TerraGen website

    art (digital, photography...)
  • Look at those great mushroom shots
  • Great nature shots (landscape, animals...)
  • very nice 3D objects I love to use myself
  • very impressive work, mostly SciFi
  • ultimate website for cg artists
  • Awesome concept art, e.g. for War of the Worlds
  • large portfolio of fabulous mattepainters
  • great artist with several concept arts for Star Wars, LOTR...
  • crazy Blog with a lot of great spaceship concept designs

  • Doom - official page
  • Quake as online muliplayer game - I love it (not free anymore, available on Steam)
  • Free shooter game based on the Quake engine, fast-paced (LAN supported)
  • Funny free shooter game, comic style (LAN supported) - very nice for LAN parties
  • A game inspired by the "Descent" games - check out the Beta...
  • website of the fabulous creators of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein
  • everything you need to know about the good old LucasArt's games
  • I love it! Free virtual machine for old LucasArt's games like Monkey Island, The Dig, Indy...
  • You can purchase classic games here, they were adjusted to work on modern OS (Win 7, Win 8...)
  • Home of fan game "Zak McKracken Between Time And Space"

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